Interview with Kris Knoblauch (Erie Otters - OHL)

Photo courtesy of Matt Mead Photography LLC. As a former Major Junior and University player, what would you say the biggest challenge was that you noticed regarding the difference between being a player and being a coach? "Understanding that there is more to coaching than just X’s and O’s. There is a lot of interpersonal relationships that are very key in order to get the most out of the players, and there are a few different techniques that change when you have to alter your perspective from that of a player, to that of a coach." As a coach, you have had some very successful teams in both Kootenay and Erie. What kind of tools have you used from outside sources in order to build those succes

Interview with Kyle Pettit (Erie Otters - OHL)

Photo courtesy of Matt Mead Photography LLC. What was the experience of being drafted like to be a part of? “It was a pretty unbelievable experience getting drafted and seeing your name come up on on the screen. When I got drafted I was actually just on my couch watching the draft coverage and I had to refresh the page a couple times just because I was in shock. It was pretty crazy, and I will never forget that day. In what ways have you been able to learn from the experience of attending Vancouver Canucks training camps? “When I went to Vancouver the first time it was training camp, and it was evident right away that they are a top-class organization. The experience I have learned over the

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