The more we know about a person, the better we are at predicting how they will respond to different situations. CoreFive uses research based assessments to measure five key areas that relate to superior performance.  Our reports describe the respondent within the context of five specific sciences.


  1. Behaviors describe how we do things, our communication preferences, the  value and contributions we bring to the team, our ideal environment and possible limitations we may face.

  2. Driving Forces define what sparks movement and ambition in each of us as well as the things that impact our decision making. They can be referred to as the aspects of life that we are passionate about, things that we perceive as important, or the thoughts that provide us with purpose and direction in life.

  3. Acumen identifies how we think, how we filter information and the clarity with which we interpret our experiences. 

  4. Competencies when compared to a competency mapping or position benchmark identify how closely an individual's level of development on research based personal skills match with those needed for the particular role.

  5. Emotional Intelligence is our ability to sense, understand and regulate our emotions. It's what allows to us think before acting. It provides the discipline to make the right choices, do the hard yards, to perform our best when it matters most and our ability to effectively interact with others.




CoreFive provides expertise in selection modelling that provides quantitiatve data for athlete selection and development. Through our assesment based model, we work with sports teams, agents  and organizations to create a framework of  values, attributes and behaviors that is unique to your program.


We create metrics that quantify the unique organizational profile and can compare it to the profiles of athletes we've assessed. The results allow us to predict or identify the athletes with the best chance of success. Our selection modelling system provides a competitive edge over your competition to ensure you are selecting athletes that are a strong match to the organization's specific requirements. 


Our assessments generate a multi-dimensional view of the respondent that creates their own unique profile. The respondent's profile can be compared to the organization's requirements to see how well they match or compared to the profiles of other respondents.  This Coaching Reports provide both the coach and athlete with the tools they need to optimize their performance. 




Leadership is a key proponent of any athletic program's success. We use a quantitative approach towards both individual leadership identification, as well as team leadership dynamics to ensure your organization has the best leadership group possible. We can cater our leadership development approach to supplement your teams needs. Please contact for more information.


Self Awareness is a key variable in the performance equation. Athletes and Coaches who take our assessments are provided with a Coaching Report and debriefing session that provides the level of  self-awareness they need to develop their emotional intelligence and understand how their behavior, driving forces, personal competencies and acumen impact their performance and results.  


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