Interview with Kris Knoblauch (Erie Otters - OHL)

Photo courtesy of Matt Mead Photography LLC.

As a former Major Junior and University player, what would you say the biggest challenge was that you noticed regarding the difference between being a player and being a coach?

"Understanding that there is more to coaching than just X’s and O’s. There is a lot of interpersonal relationships that are very key in order to get the most out of the players, and there are a few different techniques that change when you have to alter your perspective from that of a player, to that of a coach."

As a coach, you have had some very successful teams in both Kootenay and Erie. What kind of tools have you used from outside sources in order to build those successful programs?

"Throughout my coaching career, I have always had a sports psychologist working with my teams. Usually about 2 times a month, a sports psychologist comes in to address the team, and usually has something to do with the way we have been playing, or towards matters of accountability and work-ethic, or even for something as simple as helping a teammate out. I also have used CoreFive's Behavioral Analytics Profiles which tell me more about my players and how I can get the most out of them."

With hockey moving towards a more analytical approach, do you think that greater emphasis should be placed on mental and behavioural analytics that can be highlighted by athlete profiling?

"Analytics has been a great step towards progressing the game and has been getting a lot of attention as an important tool to evaluate what is important on the ice. Behavioral Analytics can help coaches better understand what makes their players perform best. As a coach, I want to get the most out of our players every single night, and it can be very frustrating to watch a player’s play fluctuate. The best coaches are able to get the most out of their players every single game or practice, and a lot of energy and attention should be placed on how to optimize your players’ abilities."

How has using the CoreFive Analytics testing helped you to develop your players and your team dynamics?

"For me, it has enabled me to get a better understanding of my players. Every player or athlete has different needs, they learn differently, they communicate differently, and it has given me a better understanding of how to teach and communicate with my players in the most effective way possible."

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