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 The CoreFive Leadership Team is driven by data, process and practicality. We've combined the knowledge gained from our experiences in life, business and athletics to provide an evidence based model that provides quantitative data for talent management decisions. 


Our services are designed for teams, player agents, athletes and businesses who are looking to improve their processes for talent acquisition and development.



CoreFive Analytics is an assessment based, data driven talent analytics consultancy that improves selection and accelerates development. The evidence based models we use provide quantitative data that drives decision making for individuals, teams and organizations seeking to improve their performance. The evidence we gather can be used to predict and identify athletes or employees with the best chance of success in a given environment.  We can also identify the areas of development that will have the greatest effect on improving performance. The methods, processes and assessments we use are universal. They can apply to any person, athlete, team or organization.



People have two primary competency sets. Their technical competencies are  those related to playing the game, like skating, passing and shooting. In business, it may be the competencies related to the job, like education, training and experience. The technical competencies are the ones that get the player selected for the team, or people hired into an organization.  The second and most important set are the character competencies. The character competencies are your core competencies, they provide the discipline, focus, decision making, planning and resiliency required to fully develop your technical competencies and build your brand as a consistent superior performer. The technical competencies get you on the team, the character competencies determine how much you play, they define your career!



We focus on the identification and development of your character competencies. The character competencies are the foundation for your preparation and habits. They are what allow you to successfully navigate the ups and downs of your journey. You can have good success with highly developed technical competencies, but you will never reach your potential without well developed character competencies. 

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