President/General Manager, New York Rangers 1989-2000

Stanley Cup Champion—New York Islanders 1980-1981

Stanley Cup Champion—New York Islanders 1981-1982

Stanley Cup Champion – New York Rangers 1993-1994

NHL Executive of the Year – Hockey News 1991-1992

NHL Executive of the Year – Sporting News 1993-1994

AHL Calder Cup Champion—Adirondack Red Wings 1985-1986

AHL Calder Cup Champion—Adirondack Red Wings 1988-1989

AHL Calder Cup Champion—Hartford Wolf Pack 1999-2000

"Speaking from my experience as the President & General Manager with the New York Rangers for eleven seasons as well the Director of Scouting with the Detroit Red Wings for seven seasons, I know that CoreFive's involvement will have a significant impact on budget decisions involving player personnel.


After carefully examining the assessments and processes used by CoreFive to help teams with player selection and development, I took the assessment myself.   Understanding how to apply the information leaves no doubt in my mind that this process would dramatically improve draft selection and accelerate player development.


The information contained in the assessments provides a “behind the curtain” view of the player that gives tremendous insight into the player’s natural talents and abilities, their DNA. The ability to accurately measure these traits allows the team to better understand the player as a person, manage their development, as well as compare a player’s level of development to others who have been assessed.


Mistakes made at the draft table can become very expensive. Identifying talent is the easy part. Identifying and quantifying the personal skills that result in the translation of that “talent” into a productive NHL career is what matters most. CoreFive’s assessments will greatly help in that regard"



Key Appointments:

  • Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff - Ottawa

Responsible for Canadian Forces and Intelligence Worldwide

  • Deputy Force Commander

UN Protection Force, and

Commander, Canadian Contingent, Balkans

  • Commander

Special Service Force, Petawawa

  • Meritorious Service Cross

Government of Canada

  • National Defence Medal (Gold, Government of France)

For Service in the Former Republic of Yugoslavia

"The assessments and services provided by CoreFive have certainly convinced me that there is a better way to identify, select and develop talent within an organization. I recently reviewed an assessment report from CoreFive on a person that I served with and have known for many years. I was very impressed by how accurate and holistic the results were, as well as the breadth and depth of the report.

The CoreFive Reports provide a multi-dimensional view of the candidate. This information can then be used to objectively compare the skills required for the role with the natural talents and abilities of the candidate. 


Within the Canadian Armed  Forces, there are a number of critical positions in leadership, special forces, intelligence, key technical and operational areas where there is little margin for error. Personnel have to perform at their best, each and every day. Ensuring that we select those best suitedfor their particular roles is essential."


Mountain Biker

3x Olympian  (Bronze Medalist 2016 Rio Games)

Cycling Canada's 2019 Cyclist of the Decade

3X World Champion

11 World Cup Wins

27x World Cup Medalist

6x National Champion

2x Pan AM Games Champion

"Self awareness is  a  critical  component  of  athletic  and  professional success. The coaching reports provided by CoreFive take a comprehensive look at who you are and how you function in your environment in order to help you optimize your performance.


Unlike other assessments, the coaching reports CoreFive provides offer constructive ideas on how to improve your interactions and performance based on your characteristics in relation to your environment. The time Allan took to go through the assessments afterwards was very helpful and added much more value to the process.”


Head Coach - Hartford Wolfpack

Head Coach 2020 Atlantic Division All Stars

Assistant Coach - Philadelphia Flyers

Head Coach - Erie Otters (OHL)


2016-17 OHL Champions & Memorial Cup Finalists

2016 OHL Coach of the Year

1st Coach In OHL History With 4 Consecutive 50 Win Seasons

When I first started working with CoreFive, my primary interest was using the Coaching Reports to get the best I could out of every player. The reports provided me with the information I needed to better understand, communicate and motivate my players.


As I started to look at my own results, I realized that I needed to learn more about myself to better connect with my players. Once I understood the variables affecting my decision making and communication style, my ability to connect with individual players improved significantly.  I also found that taking the assessment on a year over year basis was like reading a good book over again. It provided much more depth and meaning to my results which increased my understanding of self and my ability to better adapt to the situations that I encounter on a daily basis."


Olympic Champion

2x World Champion

3x Canadian National Champion

“I have used many tools in my athletic career to help become a better curler. The coaching reports provided by CoreFive gave me incredible insight into what makes me tick, what areas I can improve on, and how important my surrounding environment is to my success. Allan’s thoroughness and hands on approach makes this tool  a must have for teams and individuals looking to take their performance to the next level.”​


Head Instructor

Ben Vanderklok Goaltending

Coach & Hockey Operations Coordinator

Ridley College

Assistant Director, Player Development – Goaltenders 

Erie Otters (OHL)

"I was really amazed at the accuracy of the information contained in my Coaching Report. It was extremely insightful to holistically see myself from the different perspectives you get through CoreFive’s multiple science assessments. The Coaching Report information was extremely helpful in organizing and understanding the how and why of my actions. The better you understand yourself, the better you become at understanding others. 


The player-coach relationship is critical to player development. The player’s Coaching Reports help you understand what the player values, their motivation and what makes them tick. This allows you to adapt your approach and messaging in a way that aligns with the player’s identity and provides a pathway that will help them maximize their potential."


Erie Otters

2020 6th Round Selection

Chicago Blackhawks

“CoreFive’s Coaching Reports are amazingly accurate. The report raised my level of self awareness and also allowed me to see how I compared with pIayers who were being drafted by NHL teams. Once I understood the how and why of my actions, I started to think differently, and began to notice things about myself that were occurring on and off the ice that needed to change to get the results I was looking for.


CoreFive’s Development Program content is not what you would typically expect to see in a player development  program. The focus is on developing very specific off-ice skills that you can then apply to your on-ice development. It’s really about understanding yourself as a person.

The modules are short and the activities are very beneficial. I found great value in the group review sessions as I was able to hear my teammates thoughts and perspectives which really helps to bring the team closer together. The changes I’ve made allowed me to better adapt to situations faced both on and off the ice. With input from the Coaching Staff, and Dr. Hogue, my results improved dramatically. Increasing my level of self awareness changed my focus and had a significant impact on my improved play from year to year. As I enter my final year in the OHL, I do so as a 6th round selection of the Chicago Black Hawks.

Once you understand it’s your character that determines your preparation and success, you start to broaden your thinking with regard to all of the things you need to do both on and off the ice to reach your potential.”


Head Coach - Edmonton Triathlon Academy

U23 Triathlon  Assistant Coach - Hong Kong Sports Institute

Represented Great Britain in 17 ITU Events

"As a team, we are always looking for sustainable improvement. Learning faster than the competition is a major factor. 

We found that CoreFive's involvement with our athletes to be a major breakthrough in coaching, and the team of coaches are working closer and more effectively than ever before."

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