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ASM Scholarships

CoreFive is excited to be part of the ASM team. ASM recognizes the importance of holistic development and the role that character plays in athlete success.  Character is what we measure and what we do. We keep it simple. Success is the result of the small decisions you make every day. If you want to accelerate your development, you have to become a better decision maker. CoreFive’s Coaching Reports increase your level of self awareness and provide a roadmap and strategy to address the issues that can short circuit your success. We can help you separate yourself from the herd. See the links below for examples of how this is applicable in the areas of Golf and Hockey. Read the FAQ's. Go to our Blog tab and read "Separating Yourself From The Herd."

  • Does it matter what sport I play?
    No. The character traits needed to be successful are common regardless of the specific sport you play. Character is an essential component of holistic development and the specific aspects of character that we measure are critical competencies for success both on and off the court or field of play. The fastest way to accelerate the development in your sport is to master your character competencies so you can then apply them to your preparation, and the technical, psychological and emotional challenges athletes face along the road to attaining their potential.
  • What does the process look like?
    The process is simple. All you need to do is contact CoreFive with your inquiry about either completing an assessment or using our developmental modules and we look after the rest. The process for taking our assessment and receivnig your individualized Coaching Report would be as follows: We provide you with an email outlining the instructions for completing the asessment along with a link to the assessment site. You complete the on-line assessment. We prepare your Coaching Report. We email you your Coaching Report and set up an appointment to reveiw your results. If you request further assistance, we can set up a program for you to complete our Route 66 Development Program which has been created specfically for character development.
  • How will CoreFive's services impact my career?
    Our services can have a dramatic impact on your career provided you do the required work. No one can do this for you. Our Coaching Reports provide access to key insights that can be used to accelerate your development by increasing your self-awareness. You can then develop a strategy and roadmap to improve the issues that can short circuit your success. The Coaching Reports will also help coaches, team psychologists, agents, and management to better understand you as a person and help build the relationships needed for effective coaching.
  • How is CoreFive different from other companies?
    The biggest difference between CoreFive and other companies is our multi-science approach. Dustin Hebets, TTI SI’s Cognitive Behavioral Research Analyst had this to say about multi-science assessments. "A multi-science approach means you use multiple assessments with the same individual to measure different aspects of their personality. Accurately measuring personality is a very difficult task. The whole sum of someone’s personality is far too complex and mult-dimensional to be completely and accurately measured. However, properly constructed assessments can give us insight into specific aspects of an individual’s personality and let us measure and quantify those aspects. A single assessment cannot reveal all parts of a person." The assessments we use are supported by over 3 decades of research in brain and social sciences. ​ The other big difference between CoreFive and other companies is that our assessment reports and development modules have been developed through collaboration with our clients. We've applied best practices in Talent Acquisition and Management, Performance Management and Risk Management to develop a process that increases selection success and accelerates the development of those who are chosen. Our Coaching Reports not only tell you what the player is like, but also provides detailed analysis of how the player compares to the character traits the team desires. This will be our 7th season of work with the Erie Otters of OHL. The Otters' staff attest to the accuracy of our Coaching Reports. They also know that the development model that we use works. They see their players every day over the course of their 3-4 year career in the OHL. The player development model used in Erie is generations ahead of what you would typically see in most professional organizations. It's that good and we are proud to be a part of it.
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