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CoreFive's Draft Prospect Profiles Well Received

Updated: May 18, 2021

CoreFive has completed “Prospect Profiles” on over 90 players eligible for each NHL amateur draft over the last four years. The feedback from General Managers and Scouting Directors about the quality of the information we provided and how well the information was received by their scouting staffs was very encouraging.

Our Prospect Profiles compare the player’s natural talents and abilities, often referred to the player’s character, their DNA, or the intangibles, to the organizations culture, values and desired outcomes. The processes we use and the information obtained through our on-line assessments allows us to customize our feedback to meet the very specific needs of each and every organization we work with. The team’s ability to use our evidence and carefully weigh the opinions of their scouting staff in decisions related to player selection and development is a distinct advantage. Once the player data is gathered, it can be used for a variety of purposes including accelerating player development, enhancing player to player and player to coach communication, quantifying team dynamics, leadership development, succession planning or expediting roster management decisions.

The process allows teams to better manage their risk regarding player selection. If a team had a player that they really liked from a talent perspective but didn’t match well with their desired profile, they could still make the selection, recognizing the risk, but confident in their ability to manage the risk because they know exactly where to focus the player’s development.

If you would like more information about our services, please free to contact us at 1-780-907-6236. The Contact page on our website has a form that you can also use to submit your question or message.

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