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Separating Yourself From the Herd

One of the largest struggles athletes have in this day and age is standing out. How do you separate yourself from the many others who are similar in skill and ability and have access to all sorts of training regimens?

In order to stand out, you need to know what teams are looking for. Teams are looking for players with exceptional talent and great character. Players will spend all kinds of time and money on skating instructors, skill instructors, mental performance coaches and personal trainers, all of which is very necessary to do. Very few however, give any thought at all to character development and that’s a big mistake.

Character is often overlooked when it comes to sports as skill development takes precedence over other attributes. Character is the defining factor in an athlete’s career. Talent is wasted without strong character traits to go along with it. These traits are going to be the factors that differentiate players particularly when the talent gap is narrow. Development in these areas at a young age will increase athlete’s success in significant ways. Getting into good habits at a young age can improve daily life on and off the ice. The fastest way to improve your on-ice skill is by accelerating the development of your character. How often have you heard someone say “If I knew then, what I know now, what a difference it would have made.” There are many examples of athletes who have struggled in their careers due to character flaws. Some of these athletes are among the most talented, however, still struggle.

The CoreFive development modules can assist in developing these routines and habits. We know the competencies that need to be developed. It starts with increasing your level of self awareness, the how and why of your actions. Once you become self aware, you can begin to better manage the aspects of self that short circuit your progress. We take a holistic approach to development. Many of the topics we cover may initially seem strange or unrelated to your sport. Once the process begins it all makes sense, the dots start to connect and development starts to accelerate. The acceleration in character development impacts your preparation and habits which translates to better on-ice skill development. That is how you separate yourself from the herd!

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