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World Junior Stars Prominent in CoreFive Data Base


The World Junior Championship is one of the most important events on the hockey calendar. The event is filled with the world’s best U20 talent. Canada’s 2021 roster consisted of 20 first round draft picks. CoreFive conducted character assessments on 19 of the 20 first rounders including Team Canada Captain Kirby Dach and tournament All Stars Dylan Cozens and Bowen Byram.

The Gold Medal US Team also had a star-studded roster including tournament MVP Trevor Zegras and other high profile picks including Cole Caufield, Spencer Knight and Jake Sanderson. CoreFive assessed 16 members of Team USA.

The transition from Juniors or the NCAA to the NHL is a tough journey on a long and winding road filled with emotional highs and lows. It’s the character of the player that ultimately determines whether or not that journey will be successful. CoreFive uses a series of psychometric assessments to measure the specific aspects of character that teams are looking for when they make their draft selections.

Teams that use CoreFive services have the character metrics they need to see how the player rates against team standards as well as how the player compares to others who have been assessed. This information is extremely important when you are comparing two players of equal talent. CoreFive uses Predictive Analytics to identify the players most likely to succeed and those that will struggle.

Many organizations struggle with how to measure character. This impacts their ability to properly conduct due diligence and results in decisions based on gut reactions, the loudest voice in the room or on information from biased sources.

The character assessments CoreFive uses are supported by over 3 decades of research in brain and social sciences. The results are without bias. They provide information that facilitates evidence-based decision making.

CoreFive services are available to both teams and individuals. Contact us today to schedule a meeting to see how we can improve selection as well accelerate the development of those who are selected.

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