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Route 66 Character Development Program

Old Hockey Skates


Character is a combination of personal skills and competencies that work together to guide our

decision making and the execution of actions needed to attain our objectives. It’s the force that drives one player to success and another to quit when the going gets tough. While game skills are in plain view, character is often hidden from view, even to the player themselves.

Self Awareness

The better a player understands the how and why of their actions, the more control they gain over the

aspects that limit their success. CoreFive’s Coaching Reports focus on the player’s thought process and


The Route 66 Character Development Program provides the athlete with the knowledge and experiences to develop the competencies that are the underpinnings of their character.

How it Works

• Players complete an on-line assessment.

• Coaching Reports are created comparing the player’s results to the team’s desired traits.

• Development Plans including CoreFive’s Player Development Modules are created to address the areas of need identified in the Coaching Reports.

• Character and skill needs are incorporated into a comprehensive development plan that accelerates overall player development.


Plain View Skill




Puck Skills

Puck Protection

200 Foot Game

Compete Level



Hidden From View Character

Sense of Self

Role Awareness

Personal Accountability

Self Direction

Systems Judgement


Self Awareness

Self Regulation



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