"Mistakes made at the draft table are expensive. Identifying talent is the easy part. Identifying and quantifying the personal skills that translate that talent into a productive NHL career is what matters most!"
      - Neil Smith, President & GM
        New York Rangers - (1990 - 2000)



"Character is the defining variable in selection as well as the most important aspect of player development."

 - Allan Hamernick

Owner/Founder CoreFive Analytics


CoreFive is an assessment based talent optimization consultancy that provides selection and development services to a broad client base including, teams, player agents, athletes, coaches, sports academies, and businesses. 


We improve selection and accelerate development.  


The CoreFive Leadership Team is driven by data, process and practicality. We've combined the knowledge gained from our experiences in life, business and athletics to provide an evidence based model that provides quatitative data for talent management decisions. 



Our clients include Olympic Champions, World Champions as well elite players and coaches from the NHL, CFL, CHL and CIS. Our business clients include some of the most respected companies in Western Canada. 


CoreFive defines character as the combination of personal skills and competencies that work together to guide the player’s decision making and the execution of actions needed to attain personal and team objectives.

While on-ice skill is in plain view, character is often hidden from view, even to the players themselves.

While some aspects of a player’s character are visible, there are key elements of character that are not visible.

Insight into the hidden aspects of character can be obtained through the use of properly constructed self assessments developed through thorough and continual research in brain and social sciences.

The Player’s “true character” is revealed when we compare actual behavioral tendencies to desired behavioral tendencies.

Once an organization develops its “desired behaviors” or “standards,” CoreFive creates the means to quantify the character traits.

The “numbers” put players into ranges that allow us to determine:

  • The player's level of development with regard to specific aspects of character.

  • How they compare to their draft class means.

  • How they compare to individual players in their draft class or to players in previous drafts.

  • Players who may be “High Risk” with regard to irresponsible behavior, poor decision making, or issues with authority figures and structure.


"After carefully examining the assessments and processes introduced by CoreFive to help teams with player selection and development, I took the assessment myself.   Understanding how to apply the information leaves no doubt in my mind that this process would dramatically improve draft selection and accelerate player development."

Neil Smith

President &General Manager, New York Rangers 1989-2000

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